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    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Things not to do when taking a Wilton Decorating Basics Class

    Things not to do when taking a Wilton Decorating Basics Class (i.e. decorating cakes etc.):

    1) Half way through the course’s allotted time, rub your eyes & cause one of your contact lens to fall out….especially the dominant eye’s contact lens.
    2) Forget to bring a back-up pair of glasses in case you do the above.

    And yet, that is INDEED what happened to me! Fortunately, the erstwhile lens landed on the table (and not in my frosting or on the cake I was decorating), but there was NO WAY I was putting that lens back in my eye! (Good thing it was just a “Daily” so I could toss it & not have to save it for cleaning later). Unfortunately, as that was my dominant eye, and while I can see ok up close, far away (and at night) is blurry…and with one I focused & the other eye trying to compensate for sudden change in focus (i.e. sans contact lens), let’s just say it made for an interesting rest of the evening! (Trying to keep your dominant eye closed while looking out of the other eye, for a period of time, is harder than it seems!)

    Oh, and to top off the evening, I then had to drive home…at night! Fortunately for me the class location wasn’t far from home so it was only a brief trip. (5 minutes with stoplights).

    And I did get to finish decorating my cake at home. It looks great!

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