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    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Sometimes I wonder if my life is a Screwball Comedy....

    considering the various things that just "seem to happen to me". Like Tuesday's contact episode.

    This morning was another example: I literally FELL out of bed (tangled in my bedsheets/coverlet) in my half-awake scramble to reach a cup that was falling...and of course landed on my sore/previous injured (so easily hurt) arm. Doh! OUCH! Its like a good 3+ feet drop (I have an "elevated" bed that was made for me years ago so I could store things easily under it. Nice most of the time, just not this morning!).

    At least the arm is only a bit sore and not TRULY re-injurred. I'll baby it a bit today and hopefully will have it mostly useful by tomorrow/this weekend. :)

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