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    Friday, May 22, 2009

    Yarn Bought! (Molly Weasley Outfit)

    Pile O' Yarn for the Molly Weasley Sleeves

    It's official! I've bought the yarn needed to start crocheting the Molly Weasley sleeves. (Chamber of Secrets movie, outfit worn by Molly in the Burrows)

    I think I bought enough of each color...but we'll see as I start to crochet it.

    Guess that means I better get cracking at this project, now that I've bought the yarn.

    (Of course, I'll still need to go Thrift Store shopping to find a pink knit cardigan that I can rip off the sleeves and attach these sleeves too...I'm better at crochet than knitting, so I'm not about to knit myself the sweater just to attach the sleeves to it! =).

    1 comment:

    LizT said...

    I made one of those sweaters using the pattern on this site:
    The entire thing is crochet, even the body of the sweater.