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    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    Switching to Darker Hair

    Well, as the next Civil War event approaches (next weekend), that means I must say Adieu to my fun (lighter/redder) hair color of the last month...and dye my hair (temporarily at least) to a darker shade of brown.

    Actually, I need to dye it darker than what my original hair color is since my hairpieces for Civil War are actually a tad darker than my normal shade. (My braids & twist were fairly close to my original hair color, but the braided chignon - i.e. a bun - was actually darker than my normal shade. See the attached picture.-->>

    Cool thing about the braided chignon? The braids are sewn together! How awesome is that?!? (And no, I did not sew them together. It was a gift to me last Birthday - I believe Jenn Mulvey is the one who put together this gift).

    Anyways, since that hairpiece is "solid" (with the braids sewn together), it'll really help me out in putting my hair up in a 1860s appropriate look since I can hide my layers and shorter ends underneath the massive braided chignon. (FYI - the general hairstyle look for this period is low - like piling the hair in a bun on the base of the neck. 'Horizontal' look in hair and clothing is the "In" look for the 1860s ;-)

    So last night (after seeing the new Terminator movie) I dyed my hair using a dark brown (non-permanent) hair dye. It should definitely last through next weekend, at least...which is all I'm really aiming for with this current shade. =)

    And actually, its not that bad. Something slightly different for me. Which is cool.

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    Jeremiah and Sara said...

    I like the darker shade. You should keep it.