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    Thursday, May 07, 2009

    OC Register Video re: History/Civil War School Demo

    Just thought I'd share a link to a video with you. My old millitary group (1st Penn, Battery B, Light Artillery - aka "Cooper's Battery") annually participates in a School Demo at the Rancho Santa Margarita Intermediate School (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA). This year, the OC register did a short video about their History Day (and interviewed a few people - a reenactor, a teacher, and a student). The video is now posted on the OC Register website. It's pretty neat. =)

    To view the Video, click on this link:

    "Watch Boom! Civil War re-enactors set up camp at RSM school"

    Rancho Santa Margarita Intermediate School's history day event
    brings the sounds, sights, and smells of civil war and western
    era history to life.

    (And yes, I did this demo back when I was with the Battery - and the students are encouraged to dress up. Many will go out and rent costumes and the like.)

    aka - Miss Violet Johnson, Johnson Oak Inn (47 Oak St)

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    Marcail Gaelyn said...

    Oh, and for those of you that haven't heard the story yet - THIS is the school demo I did (when I was 21) and since the kids were dressed up too and I always look younger than I really am...the school security thought I was one of the middle-school kids and tried to get me to go with the other kids back into the classrooms, etc. (And it wasn't just them - a parent thought I was a student too!) LOL!