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    Thursday, March 05, 2009

    update on my car

    well, the Insurance Adjuster is here, and he's currently writing up the estimate.

    There definitely is structural damage (to the back floor). This guy got down on the ground (on his back) to look up under the car/rear bumper,and he could see the damage there just from that. So then we opened up the back hatch, lifted up the floor, took out the spare tire...and there was the buckled section.

    Oh well. At least he will write it up in the estimate (and he took pictures), and since this is not a cosmetic thing, the autobody shop should be able to just take the section out, fix it, and put it back in (instead of having to replace it completely, like they will have to do with my rear bumper).

    Now just 'fingers crossed' that they'll also approve the replacement of the missing front grill, since while I can't *prove* that it went missing during the accident (that it flew off), it certainly was there before the accident and it was gone afterwards (my dad noticed it the next morning when I showed him the car).


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