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    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    The New Haircut

    Yes, I did it. I cut my hair!
    It's short (well, short for me), slightly layered,... and I LOVE it!

    Here's a picture of us (me and Sherri) as she's about to start cutting my hair.

    I came with my 1940s Hairstyles book (by Daniela Turudich, unfortunately out of print now) and pointed to the Lauren Bacall pic (p. 47), saying I wanted her haircut. (I'll need to do curlers to get her hair STYLE, but the length/layering is about the same).

    It's about shoulder length with the U-shape cut (not a blunt-cut), and its slightly layered.

    And the final Product (with pile of cut hair on the floor)....


    1 comment:

    Jennifer said...

    Now to just get some blonde highlights in....