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    Friday, March 06, 2009

    another update on the (recent) car situation

    So, I had planned to take off the afternoon from work in order to take my car in to the autobody shop (repairs needed from the most recent accident, back in February), get a rental car (fortunately covered by the other insurance company), and run a few errands. What ended up happening, though....well, things never do go quite as you plan, do they?

     For one thing, I cetainly wasn't able to leave work at noon (too much going on right then. I did eventually leave the office, take my car into the shop (got there around 2pm) and was driven over to the car rental place by around 2:30pm. Unfortunately, the car rental took longer than anticipated.

    We drove to the nearby rental location (Orange?), to start the paperwork...but then had to drive to another location as the car set aside for me wasn't at that location. So got back into the car, drove down to a location in Santa Ana (off the 55 fwy...the exit right near that REI store you can see from the freeway =), got the keys to the car (gray Toyota Camry), did the brief inspection and was *about* to finish filling out/singing the paperwork when we got to the Rental Car Insurance question.

    Apparently, that is one thing (other than the deposit and gas) that is not covered by the Insurance company (who is paying for the actual cost of car rental). So I had to call my insurance company to find out if my coverage extends to a rental car, since I need to know if I should accept or decline any of the rental agency's insurance options. (Obviously, if I accepted them, the cost would come out of my pocket...and those prices/day are kinda, well, pricey...especially when you don't know how long you might have the to use the rental car). Eventually, I got through to a live person who looked at my policy/account, and was able to verify that my policy does extend to rental cars, so I didn't need the coverage offered by the rental car company. Whew!

    (I actually ended up talking to two different departments - Customer Service & Claims - and both gals told me the same thing, that I my policy extends coverage to the rental car =).

    All this, though, ate up a bit of time, between the driving and being on the phone to figure out the answer to my insurance question. But I couldn't leave just yet. Oh no!

    Apparently, the car detail/wash service that usually comes by to service their cars hadn't been by yet, so the car has not yet been vaccumed out from the last person to use it. Ugh! And I didn't really want to drive off in a dirty car (and yes, there was a bit of dirt/'stuff' on the floor of the interior of the was obviously in need of vaccuuming). So, while they found a vaccum to clean up the inside, I went over to the nearby nail salon and got my nails done. =) (I did have to wait a few minutes before someone was available, but that was ok. I was killing time anyways). By the time my manicure was done (with Bright Red Nail polish, of course! =), it was now 4:00pm, and I could FINALLY get the keys and drive off in the rental car.

    <Sigh of Relief>  Yay!

    (Fortunately, I did manage to get a couple of other errands in still, including filling the gas tank - this rental car company only gives you 1/4 tank to drive off in, and of course I will need to return it with only a 1/4 tank of gas.)

    And that's my story for this afternoon.

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