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    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    it could only happen to me

    So, I just spend the last number of minutes cleaning up almost a gallon of spilled Ice/Sun Tea from the Kitchen (Work's Kitchen) Floor using paper towels. (Good thing it wasn't Sweet Tea, or it'd be a sticky mess that I'd be mopping up using paper towels).

    And "Why...?" do you ask?
    Well, because....its me.

    I picked up the container one handed by the top/lid - like I and my co-worker do *countless* times...only this time apparently the lid wasn't QUITE as secure as it should be, and the lid stayed in my hand while the container dropped towards the floor.

    On the slightly positive side, the container hit my leg/foot before the ground - and while that may not seem like a positive (something hitting me), it at least help deflect the straight-to-the ground impact so that the glass container did NOT break.

    And just enough of the Ice Tea was left in the container that I could FINALLY get my glass of Ice Tea. =)

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