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    Friday, August 28, 2009

    Time for a New Hair Color...well, semi-new at least ;-)

    Well, I managed to successfully dye my hair yesterday. Yay! :) Go me! Its been a while since I've dyed my own hair w/o help from a friend. (Its just easier to make sure that you completely saturate the hair all over...especially the harder to see/back of the head places...when you have another pair of eyes and hands helping out :). So I'm definitely feeling accomplished right now.

    While my hair has faded from the really neat reddish color I got back in July for the Molly Weasley outfit (it was professionally dyed), I just never found the time to go and get it touched up...what with prepping for Costume College and then the actual convention, and then Life afterwards...and since then I've been too busy to even dye it myself. However, the last week or so, I've been pretty fed up of having my roots show, I can tell you! So yesterday, when I managed to get off a few hours early from work ('cause work was slow), I made sure to take the time and dye my hair. Yay!

    So its back to a more 'normalish' look for me. (If I recall correctly, I'm pretty sure I used Garnier Nutrisse's "Brown Sugar 63" - which is basically Light Golden Brown. So hair is back to more of a light brown, but with reddish overtones...and, of course, some of the lighter highlights from before show through, which is nice).

    Don't have any pictures yet of my current hair color. But maybe in the future :)


    Bina said...

    I wanna see!!!!

    Marcail Gaelyn said...

    will try to get a pic and post soon...promise! (If nothing else, will probably have a pic taken on Saturday and Sunday, and will post afterwards :)

    Oh, and I should clarify that its not truly a *light* brown, more a light-to-medium brown with red overtones(its lighter where the formerly blondish-red highlights show through. :)