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    Monday, August 17, 2009

    these Crazy Days...

    Life hasn't really slowed down since Costume College, unfortunately. I came back from Costume College and was immediately thrown into a hectic work week...which turned into 2 hectic work weeks.

    Ended up working till 8:30pm...twice, and then was so burned out I didn't care anymore about staying late to get the 'priority' urgent stuff done and just did what I could during regular work hours.

    Dealt with a multi-day ant invasion at home...and finally found a product that worked (Yay!! for Epsom Salt!). Finally got to unpack my car from Costume College over the 8/8-8/9 weekend and start on laundry. Got into a fender bender around 5pm on Sunday (8/9)...sigh...cause I was *tired* and not paying enough attention. What a way to end that weekend! :p But at least I did get to hang out with my friend Gretchen for a bit and we went and saw Julie & Julia (which we both loved) on Saturday, so there was some good that came out of that weekend.

    So, went from an awful week, and a so-so weekend, to an even worse week. (That 2nd day of working till 8:30pm was Monday 8/10...FUN, let me tell you!). But I got the urgent/priority stuff done that was super time sensitive, and I gave up on staying late the rest of the week.
    (One contributing factor to why my workload was so awful was cause I normally share the workload with another lease admin - we split all the properties between us and it keeps everything manageable...most of the time. Though there are days when we're both swamped...that's just how our job goes. Our work load happens in cycles of super busy to barely anything. We've got not control over it either).

    I also found out that our back-up location for the upcoming 1870s picnic was no longer available for our event on the date we wanted. (They wanted more than our simple picnic, and they said that that date wouldn't work for them and wondered if we'd consider changing our date. Date change is out of the question.) We've been planning on that date for months now...and we just want a simple picnic, so back to the drawing board in looking for a location to have our 1870s picnic. After emailing and talking with certain people, one location came up as a definite possible spot, and I had someone call to inquire (she knows the director) if they'd be open to having us for our picnic on the date we want...but the director was out on vacation (back on Tuesday, 8/18). So hopefully, we'll hear back from them soon and find out if that location is a go. :)

    And there are other things that happened that I just don't feel like discussing over the email me if you *really* want to know.

    Two *POSITIVE* things last week - 1) I got to have a fun lunch at an Irish pub with a good friend (Jenn M)! We haven't done lunch together in a while. And we both love Durty Nelly's! :) , and 2) I did get a chance to go visit the Hensleys and play with the kids on Wednesday. (I SO needed some Kid Therapy time :) I brought over a new puzzle that I had picked up and Rhiannon and I worked on it together (she sure loves puzzles!) and just generally played with Rowan (and tired him out, really :).

    Oh, and I got a "Fan Page" for Historical Citizens Association created on Facebook (and an event page for the 1870s picnic). Something semi-productive that was non-work related :) Small victory.

    And my landlord had the AC serviced & fixed (got a new compressor!)...even if he forgot to let us know that he & the AC service guy were showing up at 8am on Monday morning (last week). I had asked him to scheduled service (its been a year, and the AC is old and faulty...and leaks coolant) and he said he would...but then he forgets to keep us in the loop as to when the repair guys are showing up. (My roommate was still home getting ready for work when the doorbell went off). He at least let us know that they were coming back sometime on Friday to install a new compressor. (That's something...I guess). But considering my week, I'm just glad we have a new compressor installed, so hopefully, when we next need to use the AC, it actually works!

    Let's see - I also mailed off my check for my ticket to attend the "Sound of Music Singalong" (Saturday, September 26, at the Hollywood Bowl) to Colleency since she bought a block of tickets for a group outing. (Yay!). Now if I only can find the time to make an Austrian Drindle...that would be neat to wear to the outing. Realistically, I don't have the time. But that doesn't mean I can't dream. (I did buy the Folkwear pattern and put it on my 'to make' someday list :). If I somehow manage to find the time to make time for this perform ace...that would be really neat. We'll see. I've got a bit of sewing to do for my 1870s and Regency outfits first! Even if I don't get that outfit done in time, I'm still looking forward to seeing the Sound of Music at the Hollywood Bowl. Sounds fun! :)

    Eventually, the 'Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad' week ended :). Yay for weekends! And sleep! :) I did manage to clean off my cutting table (and put things away that were sitting atop it...not just shuffle things around, mind you) but discovered when I went to start cutting fabric for my next project that I couldn't find my white cotton fabric. Ack! After going through my stash, I eventually found the fabric (sitting where I left it - in a semi-obvious place, if I had remembered), but it wasn't going to be enough for my current project(s). So time for a trip to my 'local' fabric store (JoAnn's Superstore - nothing else really close that carries fabric, really). At least I got to use my 40% off coupon on that purchase (which was expiring that day). So rest of my Saturday turned into washing all the fabric (including re-washing the previously bought fabric). Sunday afternoon = ironing the fabric. Wow, that was a LOT of ironing! At least THIS time I didn't burn myself on the iron! :) (I certainly did that while ironing right after Costume College - had washed all the cotton undergarments for Civil War and Regency outfits that I had brought with me to Costume it was time to iron them. And I burned one of my fingers and got a nasty blister from the iron. Ouch! Blister has since then popped, and the burned area is healing...slowly. Looks...lovely. :P )

    What else did I do? Oh yeah! I cut the fabric for a hem facing on my 1930s red skirt (I didn't have time to do that prior to Costume College, when I was attempting to fix the hemline by lowering it, so I just did a 'quick fix' to make it wearable, and now I need to actually fix it). I found enough of my original fabric (from leftover scraps) to cut the hem facing. So I cut some strips and sewed them together. Left off at the ironing stage (i.e. to work on later). I pinned the hem on my 1930s wool skirt (also fixing that hemline by lowering it). And I sewed up the ripped seam on my cheap Wal-mart pj bottoms. (I had arrived at the Long Beach Civil War event in May and realized I forgot my pjs, so ran out to Wal-mart and bought *something* to wear at night. Threw them in the wash after the event with other regular clothes...and when I took them out from the dryer, discovered that one of the main seams had unraveled. So I pinned it and threw it on my "to sew/fix pile" and left it there...until this weekend :).

    I also got in a bit of cooking - yay! (missed cooking with my being so busy first prior to Costume College with prep stuff...then being away at Costume College...and then coming home to hectic work stress/schedules). Did have to run out just as I was starting to prep some food to pick up a new propane tank for the gas bbq, as we had apparently run out. But at least that wasn't too long of a trek. :)

    And I got to sleep. Sleep is good

    And Thanks! go to various friends that the I talked with during the past 2 (no-fun) weeks to help me stay relatively sane :)

    We'll see what this week holds in store. Hopefully, a much better week. :)

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