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    Wednesday, November 05, 2008

    musings on writing mock-period recipes

    Ok, since I was asked to contribute a recipe (or receipt, as they were still known in print during the 1860s) to the Oak Street Weekly, I've had a hard time focusing on what to write....until this afternoon! (When I should be working on real work stuff, of course!)

    What *I'd* ideally like to submit is a mock-period recipe. Basically write up my own recipe but in the style (and prose) of the originals. And that's where I was having my hang up. I couldn't figure out what to write or where to start. But suddenly, as I was looking at an original Custard Pudding (sauce) recipe from 1845 (which I want to try out one of these days!), I finally got the inspiration I needed to write up one of my own recipes. Yes!

    I settled on writing up my chicken stew recipe. I'm about half way through. Got the basics done, and now I just need to add in the bit about the vegetables, and then I'm done! Whew! (Of course I'll still need to submit it to the Editor of the Oak Street Weekly so that it actually gets printed! =)

    (And yes, I'll post my final mock-period recipe later...although there's a chance that the final print version of the Oak Street Weekly may start appearing online at our group's website. I hope so! =)


    Jeremiah and Sara said...

    A. You may want to change the HCA website domain from ".com" to ".org" or people might have a hard time getting to it.
    B. This is news to me that the Oak Street Weekly will be available on the website...guess you'll need to give me more info about this since I'll be the one putting it up there :)

    Marcail Gaelyn said...

    Good catch on the website! Whoops!
    Must have been in a hurry.

    Also, re: the availiability of the newsletter on the was just something I mentioned to Maegen that I thought might be nice. A way to share past Editions, so people can get a feel for our group. =) We'll talk about possibilites (after Moorpark, though! =).