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    Monday, November 10, 2008

    I re-injured my arm...again

    I will leave to another/future post my update on the entire weekend of my Civil War event at Moorpark (which I just got back from late last night), and will just give you the details of why I'm re-injured...again.

    It does seem like I get injured at pretty much each event. Why? I don't know. Just do.

    This time, I was not rushing anywhere or anything, but walking from the van (where I just dropped off items to be packed into it) to the tent to get another load of personal items to go into the van. And as I passed the ice chests sitting off to the right of my direct path to the tent, I felt my right ankle hit a metal rod (rod was at a diagonal angle) and as my momentum forward was suddenly halted, the rod hit the back of my left angle a split second later...and I was pitched forward onto my knees and of course, my extended arms. At which point my injury prone left arm (from my hurting it in 2007 - I had badly sprained the ligaments around the elbow) decided to dislocate as I hit the ground. Obviously, I was in a lot of pain. I don't cry a lot when I in pain...except for yesterday. Yesterday was painful enough that tears (sobs really) were definitely flowing. Lana had to calm down my breathing since I was getting close to hyperventilating. (Lana was one of the first to reach me and hold me up). They quickly got an ice pack on my arm, got me advil and water, and made a makeshift sling (out of an apron) for my arm (thanks Jen R), but I knew something was wrong cause I couldn't bend my arm back into the 'neutral' bent positing like I could last time I injured my arm. So we just sat there while I tried not to move and to calm down a bit. Eventually, when I indicated that I wanted to attempt to get up off the chilly I was now shivering from the cold and shock...two of the guys hovering nearby (Jeff and a gentleman from nearby who's name I can't recall right now) helped me slowly to my feet. And while they were carefully raising me (like from under my armpits), my left arm shifted and I felt my elbow pop back into place...and I could move my arm back to the 'neutral' bent position again. Wonderful! And that's when I really knew that I had indeed dislocated my elbow (and not just suspected it).

    Obviously, I was still in a lot of pain, and no way to drive the van home. (Plus, my glasses broke/got bent in my fall - to the point they are currently unwearable). So Jenn Mulvey (who rides with me in the van to events) got to drive us back to Garden Grove to drop off the van. After we made it back, my brother Kyle and my mom helped me get my personal items into my vehicle, and then mom drove me home (Kyle following). They both helped me get my stuff up into my place (since being only one handed I couldn't handle the crates or my small wooden trunk), and then Kyle drove them back. (Thank You!!!)

    I got to shower, take more advil (and vicadin from my old prescription...had a couple of pills left), ice my elbow down, and go to bed. And I slept for like 9 hours.

    Good Thing I already took today off so I could 'recover' from my weekend. I normally work very hard (a lot of intense physical labor at these events...constantly). I'm busy from when I arrive to set up till when I'm driving away (except for a few hours I get to sleep at night). And in between set-up/tear down...I'm busy standing or walking (and moving cast iron pots and hauling buckets of water, etc.). So even without dislocating my elbow yesterday, I'm quite tired. My original plan for today was to 'rest' and put things away from the weekend, do laundry...which I will still try to do, but now I'm also going to try to see my Orthopedic doctor to have him check out my arm (since I re-injured the same arm from before - its now more prone to injury since I first injured it in 2007). Only thing is I called and there's like 5 people ahead of me in the 'waiting to see the doctor w/o an appointment for today' list. So we'll see if they call me in today. Would be nice since I'd like to see him soon since I just injured the arm and I live close to the doctor's office and I have today off. If I have to go tomorrow (or later), I'll have to take more time off of work and drive further (if I'm coming from the office). Oh well. Whatever happens.

    And now I'd better stop writing and get myself something to eat...and some laundry started (and rest again).

    Oh, and to all of my HCA members/friends (and any other reenactors) who helped me yesterday on site that I haven't already mentioned. Thank You! I really appreciated your help.


    Moey said...

    I'm sorry That stinks!. I was just in the office this morning! I had Physio this morning at 8. Do you have Jong or Victor as your therapist? I know how it goes when you KNOW something is wrong but it seams like people either don't believe you or feel like you should be worse off if that was really the case. That's how I ended up with a broken hand (undiagnosed for a month) and a broken knee (undiagnosed for 2 weeks and walking that same day).

    Corine Traina said...

    I just hope there aren't lingering effects. The main real use of those accounts is to help us profile the circumstances and surrounding landscape of an injury, so that we will learn to step around our routine and daily course enough to prevent or at least minimize sustaining such. Take care!

    Corine Traina @ US Health Works