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    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    helping out at LosCon 35 - Costume Repair Station

    So, a couple of days ago, I started toying with the idea that since I'm already going to be at LosCon for the evening programming (to see my friends in the Lux Theater group perform), perhaps I could just hang out for the day at LosCon and even help out at the Costume Repair Station (CRS). And then when I checked the website's list of departments, I saw that a friend of mine is heading up the CRS, so I spontaneously decided to email her and find out if she needed help or not.

    And of course, she does. =)
    (Seriously, though, did I really expect her to say, "No, I don't need addtional help. I've got plenty of volunteers lined up"? LOL! I should know better =).

    Anyways, since I didn't really have any scheduled plans for the Friday (during the day), I've now decided to go ahead and help out at the CRS! Go me!

    And to think I've actually never yet been to LosCon (and now I'm going to be volunteering at it).

    Should be interesting!

    - - - -

    Details (for anyone interested in checking it out):

    LosCon35: "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the LosCon"

    Where: LAX Marriot Hotel,
    5855 W. Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

    When: November 28-30, 2008

    $50 for the entire weekend;
    $25 for either Friday or Saturday; $20 forSunday;
    $10 for either Friday or Saturday night after 6pm.

    Fun things to see:
    -Friday night, after the ice cream social: Lux Theater presents anevening of musical theater
    -Saturday night, 8pm: Masquerade

    From the website:
    LVX Roman Theater
    LVX Presents: The XXXVth Annval Togie Awards!
    It’s “Comedy Tonight!” and so much more as we celebrate the best and brightest entertainment from the “Via Valde Niveus”. Experience this all-out musical spectacular with elaborate tributes and specialty numbers from today’s hottest shows and revivals of old favorites. Wear your best togas on the vestis rutilus and join us to see which astra of the theatrum will take home the coveted Togie statua!

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