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    Monday, November 07, 2011

    Welcome Home Duncan Project

    Duncan Ellis HoogeveenVelociraptor Welcome MessageFlash

    Welcome Home Duncan, a set by casketgirl on Flickr.

    My friend Heather (@Casketgirl) recently had her baby boy...2 weeks early!! Mom is doing pretty well & is home from the hospital, but baby Duncan is still hanging out in NICU trying to recover from some mystery infection. Boo!! :(

    So, to help keep everyone's spirits up, they've decided to ask for Photos Welcoming Duncan Home - and thus was born the "Welcome Home Duncan" Project!

    Your task, should you choose to accept it (and I sincerly hope you WILL), is to take a photo of yourself* with a "Welcome Home Duncan" sign and send it in to Heather/Casketgirl.

    *Or a picture of any of the following (with a Welcome Home sign):  Children, Co-Workers, Pets, Garden Gnome(s), Action Figures, etc. . ;-) Be Creative! :)

    Email your Pics to "" with the subject "Welcome Home Duncan".



    Via Flickr:
    Our newborn son is hanging out in NICU trying to recover from a mystery infection. To keep our spirit's up we've asked friends and family to share some photos welcoming him home.

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