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    Tuesday, November 08, 2011

    Moorpark Civ.War Event is still a Go (even w/ forecast of Rain)

    Just got the word - our event this weekend is STILL on, even though the Weather Forecast looks pretty dismal. (Rain and 60 Degree Temps. Brr! Get chills just thinking about it!)

    Hopefully the rain will hold off long enough that we can our gear/camps get set up BEFORE the rain hits on Friday. (Fingers Crossed!!)

    Send some warm & dry thoughts my way, won't ya? (Weekend's challenge: stay healthy / don't get sick! :)

    Guess I better get cracking on those food items as I'll definitely need them this weekend!!

    -----Original Message-----

    From: Ed Mann (Event Organizer)
    To: Massive Email List

    Sent: Tue, Nov 8, 2011 11:52 am

    Subject: Moorpark Reenactment Update

    My fellow reenactors,

    The Rotary has decided to go forward with the event this weekend. Yes, the weather report is not promising, and everyone is well aware of that, but the problem is that critical personnel on the Rotary's side will be missing the following weekend, so come what may, the event will take place as scheduled.

    The good news is that rainfall in Moorpark always seems to be different than what LA gets. Last weekend, the rainfall was 3/4 inch in LA, but only a third of an inch in Moorpark. The ground at the site is very good at wicking up rain, so the Rotary is optimistic that the problems with the weather will be minimized. Currently, no rain is expected at all until very late Friday night, so this should aid setup. Even then, who really knows at this point with weather predictions just what will happen and when? I understand that Sunday is supposed to be clear.

    So, now it's on to Moorpark. C'mon out and join us for the weekend.

    Ed Mann

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