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    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Proof that we were there!! [LACMA's Fashioning Fashion Exhibit]

    Proof that we were there!! [LACMA's Fashioning Fashion Exhibit]
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    This Exhibit was SO COOL! I'm SOOO Glad that Gretchen & I were able to make it up there (especially since it was a fairly last minute planned trip to boot!). We spent about 3.5 hrs at the museum (mostly cause of me taking pictures of EVERYTHING) on a Saturday (3/19/2011) before we had to leave...not cause the museum was kicking us out, but because I had to race back to Orange County to pick up my car (we had carpooled in Gretchen's car) so I could then race over to the Hensley's house and babysit their munkins (as they were heading out to the Social Daunce Irregular's Spring Victorian Ball that evening). Whew! I was a tad late, but at least I made it & they were able to take off fairly quickly after I arrived.

    Well, if you'd like to see the 1500 pics I took of this exhibit (I TOLD you I took a LOT of pics), you can find them here:
    on my Flickr page.


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