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    Thursday, March 31, 2011

    Family Dinner at Mimi's Cafe for Kyle's Bday

    Family Dinner at Mimi's Cafe for Kyle's Bday (March 30th)
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    Happy Birthday to my YOUNGEST Brother Kyle! Can't believe he's already 25!! I can so remember when he was born (and I was sent over to a neighbor's house to spend the night! :)

    This picture was taken the day after Kyle's birthday (on the 31st) but its much easier for us to get together as a family on a Thursday night than a Wednesday night (Church program obligations & such :). As you can see from this slightly blurry phone camera pic, everyone, including my Grandma Doris & Aunt Jody, made it to dinner! (I'm the only one not shown as I'm taking the pic :). And centered with her back to the camera is little Chloe (16 months) who is smiling big to everyone else as they happen to be turned her direction for the camera (which is directly behind her - so adorable! :).

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