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    Monday, October 25, 2010

    Attempt # whatever at keeping a diary

    ok, so if you didn't already know, I stink at "follow through" in keeping a diary. :) I like to write and talk (with friends), but sitting down *every day* to write in a diary...not so much. Some days I just never get around to it. Same with Letters. Love to handwrite letters, but hard to get myself to sit down and keep up the correspondence over long periods of time.

    Blogging helped a bit, since I didn't need to do that *every* day, but lately I've been so busy (or avoiding things cause I need a break ;-) that I haven't gotten around to updating this blog as much as I otherwise would have liked. (Twitter is basically a form of a Mini-Blog, so I'm glad I joined that bandwagon. Its fun and easy for me to use to share my thoughts.)

    Let's see, I'm still dealing with moving in to a new place issues. House is coming together (still no couch, comfy chair, or spare seating to speak of...but one day I will :). Its definitely feeling more like "home" than before (which is good) and its been like over a week since I've been invaded by ants (YAY!...or should I knock on wood? ;-). Still trying to figure out my "routine" or schedule for evenings, etc. now that my commute to/from work is longer. And I've not been getting enough sleep for a while now (my Doctor said that's a priority to concentrate on fixing). Plus being sick (a lot) last month or so certainly hasn't helped the energy levels or motivation at finishing doing stuff around the place.  Needless to say, I've canceled on doing a lot of things with friends or going places, so I can relax and or do things around the place.

    At least I finally started going through & sorting out some digital pics that I took (August - October) and had just dumped the pics into a "to sort later" folder on my computer. (Yes, the folder literally was called "to sort". ;-). As of last night I've now cleared that folder (sorted & stored properly in related sub-folders on my hard drive) so now I just have one more memory stick to dump onto my computer and then to get to uploading a bunch of these to my Flickr account, etc. (I did get my pics of babysitting my niece in August online as of last night. Such a cutie! :)

    Anyhoo...back to this diary thing. So a couple of friends of mine joined the (a kind of visual diary that's kept online) back in/around I decided to give it a try too. I started in September, but I haven't been able to manage taking & uploading a pic a day (which is the point of the project), but I'm not giving up! I'll keep trying, and maybe one of these days I'll actually start remembering to take (& upload) a pic for every single day. We'll see. :) But for now, I'm still enjoying the experience (even if I'm a slacker and not diligent at remembering to post ;-).

    If you'd like to follow me on 365Project (or join & try out the program yourself - its free), you can find me at .

    Well, I better get back to work now. (Slow day so far, but still, at least I have a job! :) Later all!

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