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    Monday, April 26, 2010

    finally looked at my Costume College Reg Book

    So I *finally* got a chance to actually *look* through my Costume College (2010) Registration book and I'm just excited about all the classes! Yay! :) I'm torn, though, on what (if any) limited classes I should apply for this year. A couple I'm interested in are out cause I'm teaching my classes against them (there's overlap in times which won't work). And a few others I'm interested in taking...they're against when the guest teachers (Shelly Foote and Shawna Trpcic) have their (unlimited) classes scheduled! Agh! (The ones by Shawna Trpcic are listed as "To Be Determined" right now, but considering I'm a fan of her work - she did the costumes for Firefly, Angel, & Dollhouse! - I'm totally game for attending any and all of her classes. :)

    And with how busy I've been with packing & house hunting (and the emotional drama of dealing with my landlord and his broker while they're trying to show the place and get the condo sold), picking limited classes has not been a top priority right now. If I'm gonna turn in my form, its gotta be received by May 9th...and the longer I wait, the lower Recieved Number I get assigned (each form is assined a number in the order its received as its processed by Programming staff) which would affect my chances of getting into some classes (depending on how 'popular' the are with others wanting to be in the same class).

    SOooo...maybe this year I just don't do any limited classes :). Might be the easiest solution for me. Certainly less stress NOW to not have to think about picking a class and getting my forms in right away.

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