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    Friday, January 22, 2010

    Costume College 2010 - what to teach?

    Just realized that the deadline for turning in Teacher's Forms for Costume College 2010 is FAST approaching. Eek! I haven't even thought about what classes I'm interested in offering to teach.
    (Deadline to submit forms is February 6, 2010)

    Any suggestions from the Peanut Gallery?

    Classes I've taught in years Past:

    *Average American Woman of the 1860s (Lecture - Open)
    >Taught 2007 & 2008

    *Regency Ettiquette (Lecture - Open)
    [My actual title: Ettiquette, Deportment & Social Manners in Regency England]
    >Taught 2008

    *Intro to Leather Tooling (Workshop - Limited Attendance)
    >Taught 2009

    *Timeline of Costuming (Lecture - plan on revising if I do again - Open)
    >Taught 2008 (co-taught with Rebekah Metzger)

    *Civil War Reenacting Panel (Panel Discussion - Open)
    >Taught/Participated in 2007 (I put together the hand out and kinda moderated :).

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