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    Wednesday, October 07, 2009

    Soup's On!

    Since I tweeted about planning (and then making) soup and biscuits tonight, here are a couple of pics of tonight's dinner (made from scratch)...

    Chicken & Vegetable Soup with Dirty (Whole Wheat) Biscuits

    The Soup was really just something I threw together - I tend to do that most of the time. :)
    The Herbs & Seasonings were picked by what I felt like would taste good, and the amounts were completely by guess (dash of this, pinch of get the idea :).

    Herbs & Seasonings that I used:
    Fresh Ground Pepper
    Kosher Salt
    Garlic - (about 6 cloves - 1/2 chopped & 1/2 crushed)
    Parsley (dried)
    Rosemary (dried)
    Thyme (dried)
    Tarragon (dried)
    Bay leaves (1 med & 1 small)
    Ground Mustard (dash)

    I also sautéed some finely chopped onions and celery stalks in butter before adding in the rest of the soup ingredients. (I used both chicken stock and vegetable stock for the broth)

    Other ingredients:
    Onion (1 medium sized one - finely chopped)
    Chicken Breast (1)
    Red Potatoes (sm-med, about 4-5, diced)
    Carrots, chopped (around 6)
    Celery (5 stalks, 2-1/12 chopped finely, 2-1/2 chopped in chunks)
    Mushrooms (about 6? - roughly chopped)

    The Biscuits are a simple Soda Biscuits recipe. For the flour I used a mix of whole-wheat flour and regular flour (1 cup of each - it wasn't a very large batch of biscuits).

    And Yes, it does taste as good as it looks (or sounds).

    Leftovers are first come, first served! ;-)

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    Marcail Gaelyn said...

    I forgot to mention that I also added a pinch of crushed sage (dried) to the soup.

    Just remembered that this morning.