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    Friday, October 23, 2009

    December's Dollhouse Schedule Confirmed

    Just passing on some info for the other Dollhouse fans out there :)

    Fox has apparently confirmed that the official schedule for the next Dollhouse episodes to air.
    (Yay! :)

    "Fox rep tells io9 that this is the airing schedule for Dollhouse between now and 2010:
    Friday, Oct. 23 (tonight) - Episode 204 (9PM-10PM et/pt)
    Friday, Dec. 4 - Episode 205 & 206 (Summer Glau episodes 8PM-10PM et/pt)
    Friday, Dec. 11 - Episodes 207 & 208 (8PM-10PM et/pt)
    Friday, Dec. 18 - Episodes 209 & 210 (8PM-10PM et/pt)"


    And *Don't Forget* that tonight's episode was directed by Jonathan Frakes. (Yes, THAT Jonathan Frakes...the one of Star Trek fame :). And if I heard/read correctly, tonight's ep is focusing on Sierra.

    If you want to see a Clip from tonight's episode (&/or a Promo spot), go here:


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