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    Sunday, March 18, 2007

    Windsor Castle

    The Continuing Adventure in England 2007

    On Sunday, we decided to do a day-trip out of London and headed for Windsor. It was amazing, really! A gorgeous day and perfect for sight-seers such as ourselves.

    We boarded a morning train from Paddington Station and were off on a new journey! (A friendly man at the ticket counter figured out the best ticket purchase for us when we told him we were tourists and wanted to go to Windsor...he also gave us some free info including a 2 for 1 admission coupon/advert for the Tower of London). We changed trains at Slough and eventually arrived in Windsor town. We walked to the Castle and were soon joining the queue at the front entrance.
    Glennys & I both took A TON of photos from this day, so go check my Flickr site for the rest.
    Main entrance - Windsor Castle (3/18/07) Becky & Glennys - Windsor Castle
    View Though St. George's Gate - Windsor Castle (3/18/07) Glennys next to the Arrow Slot - Windsor Castle (3/18/07)

    Unfortunately, we weren't able to take pictures inside the semi-state rooms, but that was definitely one of the highlights of the tour (seeing inside those rooms). I did pick up some postcards with shots of many of those rooms as a souvenir...just so I could attempt to show others what the rooms were like (if nothing else).

    Afterwards, we headed over to the pub across the way, The Horse and Groom, to grab a bit of lunch. Glennys got the Fish and Chips while I got the Beef Ale Pie. It was absolutely Fabulous! (Yummy!!!)

    Then we stopped in a few of the local shops to browse (and pick up a few souvenirs) and then headed back home.

    For dinner, we headed back to our local pub, the Duke of Kent. This time we were in for a surprise as it was packed! Apparently Sunday night is the place to be there. Someone was playing the piano and a bunch of people (presumably locals) were singing along. Most of the repertoire consisted of well known show-tunes, so I sand along when I could (from our table down the way). For dinner that night I got a shepherd's pie. Tasty!

    When we had finished with dinner, we returned to our lodgings for the night. But as it wasn't quite bedtime just yet, we watched a bit of the Tele (TV) before turning in for the night.

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