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    Saturday, March 17, 2007

    Glennys' Birthday - Part 1

    The Continuing Adventure in England 2007
    3/17/2007 - Part 1

    The next morning dawned soon enough and it was a beautiful day...which was especially grand since not only was this our first FULL day in England, it also happened to be Glennys' birthday!

    We slept in just a tad (still getting used to the change in timezones) but were up at a relatively reasonable morning hour. We decided to take a stroll and find a local place to buy some breakfast. Eventually, we ended up on Edgeware (?) road and found a little hole in the wall cafe serving breakfast. We ordered our breakfast (I got two fried eggs, toast and either sausage or bacon...I can't recall now). After Breakfast, we ambled back to our room. As Glennys was going to wait around for a replacement card that was (supposedly) being shipped overnight to us (and she had to be there to sign for it), I decided to go take a stroll through Hyde Park. (See my Flickr site for tons of photos from my trip. )

    However, here's a self portrait shot I took just as I was setting out on my walk, and a few of my favorite photos from that little adventure from mid-day.

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