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    Friday, January 10, 2014

    Soup be posted soon.

    I've been making a few soups lately. (Winter just seems to be Soup Season, right?) Yesterday I posted a query on Twitter/Facebook if anyone would like my recipes and I got a few resounding "YES" answers in response.

    I haven't written up the recipes for posting yet, but since there was definite interest, I'll be sure to do so in the next few days.

    In the meantime, here are the pics & the soups I recently made:

    French Onion Soup
    I made my soup base first, then I could ladle out individual bowls for topping with bread & cheese & broiling when I wanted them.  I based mine on 2 different recipes - going back & forth between theirs. When I made mine, I thought the proportions of onions to broth was too much - especially when I added the baguette bread - so I ended up making MORE broth. I'll be sure to add in that correction to the version of the recipe I post for you guys. :)

    The Base (Onion Soup - without the bread & cheese)

    Final Product! French Onion Soup

    Leek, Potato, & Cheese
    This soup is very rich, but actually has a thin broth so it's nice & light. This is based on a recipe my mother developed while cooking at a Summer Camp in their kitchen one year.

    Ham & Split Pea Soup
    I made the ham stock the night before on the stove, using a ham bone I had in the Freezer. Next day I made the actual Soup and let it sit all day in the crock pot while I was at work. The recipe is based on the one my mother gave me, but I've adjusted the proportions to have more peas to the rest of the ingredients.

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