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    Tuesday, January 03, 2012

    My Aunt Sue is the Best!!

    I would like it Noted to the World that: my Aunt Sue ROCKS!

    She’s been working on a reproduction Civil War quilt for me in her spare time using a late 19th century Singer treadle sewing machine…. and apparently she’s finished it!
    Pic by Aunt Sue (1st Block & the Singer Sewing Machine)

    She sent it back with my folks (who were out visiting her and my grandparents in CO for New Years) and requested a picture of my face when I saw the quilt. So today my folks arrived back in town (SNA – OC’s Airport is near my work) and they made a point of stopping by before they drove home in order to surprise me with the quilt.

    And let me tell you, it was indeed a surprise! (And a pleasant surprise at that!)

    Its gorgeous!! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. (And my dad not only acceded to Sue’s request for a photo, he took it one step further – he *recorded my reaction* using his smart-phone. Err, o_O Thanks Dad?! ;-)

    Pic from Dad's camera

    Anyways, I’m all atwitter right now cause I have a LOVELY quilt made especially for me! Woo-Hoo! Like I said, my Aunt Sue rocks!!

    Shameless Plug: if you need something embroidered (hats, sweaters, tote bags, etc.), my aunt has a custom embroidery business. Go check out: Creative Threadwork


    Lorna McKenzie said...

    That is such a beautiful gift! A beautiful quilt as well!

    natural medicine center said...

    Amazing !! i loved it !!!

    peter kenneth said...

    Oh!!! wow !! that's great!!! The quilt is nice!!