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    Sunday, January 02, 2011

    old photos - Tom Sawyer

    Tom Sawyer0001
    Originally uploaded by marcailgaelyn

    I finally uploaded a bunch of photos that my dad & I went through (& scanned) from my grandpa's collection of old photos. This is one of my favorites (ok, there's A LOT of favorites) in the the "Growing up on the Farm" collection.

    To see more pics from that "Growing up on the Farm" set:

    And now that I'm looking at this particular photo, after seeing a new Christmas photo of my niece, I think I also see a bit of Thelin resemblance in my young niece. (YAY!! :).

    If I can, I'll post more old photos (some to this "Early Days on the Farm" set, & others to other themed sets yet to be created) to my flickr account later today. I just LOVE going through them and seeing snatches of life-as-it was...especially knowing that its family! :)

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