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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    In Need of Phone Upgrade Advice/Feedback

    ok, I am SO overdue for upgrading my cell phone. I'm tired of putting up with my broken Motorola Razor (a flip phone). It works 'ok'...its certainly not the best for texting, but I manage...that is until the camera button is accidentally pushed (either external button on side of phone or the camera button on the keypad) and then the *whole thing freezes* and I have to take the battery out to reset the thing. And since I let my phone contract expire (I'm now on month to month)...I *could* switch to a new service provider if I wanted to.

    But do I want to? Don't know. All the plans I've looked into so far are *worse* than my current plan (even if expired, I still continue at that plan/rate until something is changed, like a new phone). However, if I get a new phone - either with same carrier or switching to a new carrier - I'll get less minutes for either the same amount of money (or more money). And for ANY of the phones I want, I'll need to add on a Data Service plan, so that means more money spent too. (And I'm on a budget. May not seem like it some times, but I am :).

    Currently, I'm with T-Mobile and have had decent customer service and cell service ever since I switched to them years ago. (I think sometime around...2002 or 2003? wow! Was it really that long ago? Time flies!) I called last night to find out what my options with them were, and they do have a plan where I don't have to sign a contract (can continue month to month and get a similar minutes plan with unlimited texting and data service) without it being TOO much more expensive than I'm already paying a month, but I would have to pay for the phone (or, well, a discounted portion of the new phone price).

    If I stay with T-mobile, I *could* get the myTouch, their/Google's version of the iPhone. I need more info on the phone though. (FYI - I'd have to pay like $120 for the phone.) So, anyone heard good/bad things about this phone? Anyone now of a reputable site that reviews it?

    Feel free to share thoughts on switching/staying with various service providers and the benefits/drawbacks of some of the different new phones offered right now. I'd welcome the input. :) Thanks!

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