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    Friday, July 10, 2009

    And now for something completely hair color :)

    Some of you may not be aware, but I've been thinking (planning) about dying my hair reddish for the month of July for a while now....especially once I decided to do a Molly Weasley outfit for a group trip (in costume) to see the Harry Potter movie.

    And since I wanted it to turn out nice (and look fairly natural), I decided to spend the money and have a professional do my hair instead of attempting it on my own. And let me just say, I am SO glad I did. (I love my hairstylist, btw - she's awesome! I would recommend her to anyone. She's the only one I go to when I get my hair cut or trimmed.)

    So, I had my hair appointment at 4:30pm. I arrived WAY early (I know, me! You can pick yourself up off the floor now ;), and crocheted and chatted while I waited for my appointment. I also took a few "before" pics to use as a reference for comparison with my 'after' pics.

    Before Pics

    After looking at my reference pics of Molly Weasley, Sherri set to work and started mixing dyes.
    First, she mixed up something that stripped color from my hair WITHOUT bleaching it. (And it actually worked. Nifty, huh?)

    Here's a shot of me sitting with the 1st round of stuff.
    (She applied it in streaks, to do a sort of highlight effect. This helped her see how my hair would react to the it would help give some lighter highlights later on to make it look more natural :)

    After washing out that step, and drying my hair, a new batch of color (tint) was mixed up and applied ALL over my hair...and really worked in.

    Here's two pics with the 2nd stage tint worked into my hair...and me crocheting while I wait for it to do its magic.

    And here's afew pics from the final result!
    (And from while she was curling/styling my hair - after she trimmed it, of course :)

    Of course, by the time we're taking these last shots, its pretty dark in this hair salon (still sunny outside...but bad lighting inside). In the sunlight the blondish parts really show up...and the whole think looks natural with the multi-shades/hues.

    All in all, I'm completely happy with my new hair-color. :) It's certainly different...and fun.

    Can't wait to get some pics of me in the sunlight, to see how it looks in natural light. :)

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