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    Saturday, January 20, 2007

    Jane Austen Evening - Janurary 20, 2007

    Jane Austen Evening
    January 20, 2007
    Pasadena Masonic Hall: 200 S. Euclid., Pasadena, CA
    For the 2007 Jane Austen Evening, I was only able to attend the Ball (Dance) portion of the event. (I was double booked that day since an old friend was getting married in the morning/early afternoon). Even though I didn't attend the Tea, I still had a blast! We gals all met up to have dinner across the street (in the hotel's restaurant) and then join in with the dancing. Unfortunately for us, the restaurant was running a bit slow, so we missed the first dance! But we soon joined in and had a ball! (ha! Pun definitely intended). Anyways, here's a shot of the group posing after the dance had ended. Pretty much everyone poses next to the green marble fireplace for a photo op at *some* point in the evening. It's tradition!

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